Brilliance Photography owner, Bob Hughes
What We Can Do For You

Our entire focus is highlighting the merits of your organization by creating marketing assets for architects, construction and engineering firms, developers and hospitality companies.  We take pride in working with natural light and embracing the unique exterior and interior spaces of your project. Our commitment is that we will find the brilliance in your project and capture it. 

Providing visionary leadership for 16 years in the commercial photography and video industry with an innovative approach to reimagine your project's best assets.  We specialize in aerial, architectural, engineering, 3D photogrammetry and Point Cloud files, construction, hospitality, hotel and food, corporate functions and head-shots. 


Born in Seattle, WA
Lives in Atlanta, GA
Children, Chris and Courtney
Engaged, Alison
Hobbies, photography, sailing, outdoors, travel and technology 
Offices in Oakland, CA and Atlanta, GA


Major Achievements 
  • Photographed USAF spy plane hangars for the engineering firm and USAF at Edwards, Beale and Hickam AFB

  • Photography and video of one of the worlds largest data centers documenting the process of construction and design

  • Photographing the Transamerica Building, San Francisco's Symphony Hall, the new Oakland Bay Bridge for publishing documents

  • Hired to photograph President Carter and Mrs. Carter for The Carter Center

  • Document the renovation of Georgia Tech's McCamish Pavilion and final photography

  • SMPS Atlanta Chapter sponsor for 14 years

  • Featured photographer on several national marketing magazines, both cover and articles

  • Corporate Annual Report photography for several Fortune 100 companies 

  • A leader in drone photography and video with over 4800 incident-free flights